Sunday, 3 April 2022

Lesson Notes on Transitive and Intransitive Verbs


English verbs are split into two major categories depending on how they function in a sentence: transitive and intransitive. Transitive verbs take one or more objects in a sentence, while intransitive verbs take no objects in a sentence.

Distinguishing between the two Transitive Verbs

Put simply, a transitive verb describes an action that is happening to something or someone, which is known as the verb’s direct object. For instance, in the sentence “I am reading a book,” book is the direct object, which the action reading is happening to.

Thursday, 31 March 2022

Just in: Jamb Activates Portal for 2022 Mock Exam Slip

The JAMB mock exams for 2022 have been scheduled to hold on  9th April 2022 as announced by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

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This means that JAMB has announced 9th April 2022 as the latest commencement date for the 2022/2023 JAMB mock exam for interested candidates.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Powerful Exercises on the Rules of Concord

ubric:  Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.

1. Annie and her brothers (is, are) at school.

2. Either my mother or my father (is, are) coming to the meeting.

3. The dog or the cats (is, are) outside.

4. Either my shoes or your coat (is, are) always on the floor.

5. George and Tamara (doesn't, don't) want to see that movie.

6. Benito (doesn't, don't) know the answer.

7. One of my sisters (is, are) going on a trip to France.

8. The man with all the birds (live, lives) on my street.

Learn the Order of Adjectives with Ease

The order of adjectives is a topic with diverse applications and usages.

In fact, (about 5) questions are being asked annually on WASSCE, NECO and JAMB examinations.

Let's continue...

Adjectives are words that qualify/modify a noun or a pronoun. In other words, theydescribe a person, place, or thing in a sentence. Adjectives usually come before the noun. For example:

• “The small dog jumped over the white fence.”

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Download the new 2022 WASSCE timetable

The 2022 WASSCE timetable is out and according to the timetable, the exam will commence on Monday 9th May, 2022 and end on Monday 28th June, 2022.

To Download the soft copy of the timetable, CLICK HERE

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