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The Cry of Destiny: The Most Intriguing and Enthralling Novel Ever.


You are given free access to read through the chapter ten of the intriguing novel.

Chapter ten 

Three years later – a year of silence in which Sarah failed in all her attempts to abate Daniel’s life. Meanwhile, while Damilola was an apprentice under a renowned bricklayer in the community; he raped the daughter of his master. The man sent him away and warned him strictly that he must not set his eyes on him again if he doesn’t have a spare soul.

And since he knew before that he had never learnt any skill in bricklaying, he had no curiosity for learning; he started working in a bakery near their house─ helping the bakers to mix flour and batch loaves of bread out to customers. He realized money from this job; his mother was unanimously pleased because at every close at work, the owner of the bakery did give away loaves of bread to his workers of which Damilola used to give his mother.
At this time, Daniel had completed senior secondary school – for he was periodically given scholarship, jumping classes and thus made his schooling fast forwarded. He sat for Senior School Certificate Examinations and he performed excellently in all the subjects he registered for. This made him the best student ever to have such a wonderful result from the school. He received many gifts for this from the teachers and the school principal.
Pending this time Korede, Daniel’s mother was down with serious fever. She lost appetite and was admitted in the community hospital.
One evening, Isaac, who was aged, called Daniel inside and said to him ‘now that you’ve finished your senior secondary school and with your good and presentable certificate, I think you need to settle down by now and ponder on how to make your hands busy with something. I am growing old now, feeble and incapable to execute any laborious work on the farm, likewise your mother, who has been indisposed and admitted in the hospital since last month. It’s only the little wages that your brother collect that we’ve been living on. It was yesterday twilight when two young girls together with their parents came here and fortunately I was aestivating under the mango tree outside.

I urged them to at least make themselves comfortable, but they refused. At first they introduced the young pregnant girls to me that they are my son’s wives; at that instance, I knew where they’re driving at but with wisdom, I tried to cover it up and denounced their statements. I said my son cannot do this, I trust him – not knowing that I have fueled the burning fire, the women started shouting on me… Oh my God, I was embarrassed, with the help of our neighbours, their annoyance was soothed and I admitted that my son did it all’. Daniel yelled, ‘but papa you shouldn’t have said so; you know how hard it had been for the family to take two meals a day talk less of adding two hands into the family’s emptied bows’. Daniel burst into cry. He continued, ‘but papa, has brother Damilola ever done things like these before?’, he asked. ‘Ah! Isaac exclaimed, ‘even this very morning when I entered his room, I saw him right in his bed fondling Kikelomo, the daughter of one of our neighbours. Likewise this afternoon when he was coming back from work, he came in the house via the backyard. But I noticed he did not come out. Voila! When I entered his room I caught him with Folake in the bed. They immediately jumped up, plunged on their clothes and flee through the back door. ‘Papa, so you’ve been taking notice of his bad attitude and never disclosed this to anyone’, Daniel retorted. ‘It wasn’t as you deemed, my son, don’t you know that the dog of a man who always kill the neighbours’ duck will be hated even by the arm robbers that rob such neighbours in the dark’, Isaac  said. ‘But what does that means papa?, Daniel asked. ‘Uhn, my son, if I should say it out to anyone that my son sleeps around with girls like billy-goats, even my kiths and kins would be the first to laugh at me and gossip it around; meanwhile, their own children do worse than my son. I just have to be reticent’, Isaac sighed, ‘Eh eeh! Back to our primary discussion. What is your next line of action now? Because my ears are full of words from people that a boy that’s not of your age own and accumulate properties. And I reasoned well with them. See Ogundele, Agoro’s son, he’s the one feeding the family now and he did not go to school but you grew up in the community together’. ‘Papa as you know,  I have passion for music both playing musical instruments and teaching it to people, Daniel replied. ‘And you know how well I performed in music in my final exams in the school. I think if I could proceed to University, I would be of help to you and the community at …’, ‘Shut up!’ Isaac shouted at Daniel, ‘I was trying to peel yam for you and prepare the soup thinking you will pound it and set a table before me but now I see that you are a coated bastard.  Is there anybody in this community that could afford University fees not to even talk of anyone in our poor family?’, Isaac demanded. Daniel cut in, ‘but papa what of the Governor’s scholarship and pledge to support me to any length I may want to reach in life? ‘Hum, I know how ungrateful you are’, Isaac angrily replied, no sickness will frighten an herbalist to lose confidence until he breathes his last that he’ll know that death does not recognize titles. So you have guts to still make mention of any stupid scholarship. How dare you? Did you just ask me about the N20,000 I collect monthly in your name?, Isaac asked. ‘You are a ninny. 

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 Ah…upon my struggle and labour in the scorching sun to add large percentage of my earning to the monthly stipend from the Governor  in order to foot the hospital bills and save the life of your poor mother, here you are demanding for money. Anyways put off your mind from that money, the Governor said it is for the upkeep of your parents not you; after all, you were not there when the promise was made’, Isaac said. ‘Papa, did you mean it?’ Daniel demanded, ‘why did you do this to me? …Pa….pa…’, he wailed. ‘I have no answer to your first question’, Isaac replied, ‘but to your second question, listen, if I refused to do it that way, how would the family have fared through this difficult time? You awkward child, I shouldn’t have any word with you; if you don’t get something done before this week runs out, I will disown you as my child because I cannot be paying your mother’s hospital bills and still be feeding a grown up like you.  Do you even think you’re still a baby? When you have your mates in the nearby villages having wives and many children’, Isaac said. As Isaac was still active in his words, he looked up and saw one of the nurses from the community hospital coming toward them. ‘Eh eh! Can you see it now? The doctor has sent the nurse for another N5, 000 to buy drugs as usual’, Isaac grumbled. The nurse approached them and greeted Isaac. She said, ‘the doctor would like to see you urgently’. ‘But why? Have I ever refused to pay any bill before that he requested for such an urgent payment?’, Isaac demanded. ‘No, nothing like that, he just wants to see you’, the nurse said wittingly and smiled. ‘Alright, you idiot stand up and get me my shirt yonder! University boy’, Isaac jeered. ‘My words are still intact; if, before I come back, you refuse to restructure your decision, ah! You will think you’ve eaten the sacrifice meant for the gods’, Isaac hissed on Daniel.
While afar from the hospital, Isaac noticed commotion, wailing and restive movements of some acquaintances. He asked the nurse what could have happened, but the nurse said nothing. On getting closer he noticed some kinds of gesticulations and looks from the bystanders but upon his persistence to know what might have gone wrong, no one dare disclose anything to him not until the doctor came out. ‘Mr. Isaac, we tried all we could … but all to no avail’, the doctor said.  ‘What do you mean by that?’, Isaac asked.‘Uhmn…. Your wife has joined her ancestors’, the doctor disclosed. Isaac fell backward and fainted. The people around ran across him and poured water on his head. When he finally became conscious, he started wailing and sobbing. Meanwhile, the wailing and shrill sobbing audible from remote places caught Daniel’s attention. He stopped and peeped through the window and saw some women banging their feet with blushed face. 

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 He wondered what the pandemonium could depict as he came out of the house and move closer, he discovered the antics and motioning of the folks around. He was frightened and became inquisitive as he held one of the women by shoulder and demanded what could have happened. Unfortunately, the woman collapsed, for she was just coming from her croft, empty stomached but joined the women wailing. In a couple of seconds Daniel heard a clear voice from afar coming faintly and repeatedly, ‘ah…ah… Mama Daniel, don’t leave us like this; it’s too early’. On hearing this, Daniel jumped over the collapsed woman and ran at tandem to the community hospital recklessly and despairingly, for by now, his morale has gone out of him as he’s moving only by wind and myriad of uncontrolled thoughts. From afar, still on motion, he glanced, steered and saw his father restless amidst some elders cum some acquaintances pacing up and down. Now he knew within himself that the receptacle of his flower is ripped opened. On climbing the hospital’s pavement, he refused to be held as he ran amok into the ward where her mother was laid. Seeing her mother lay as log of wood in bed, he tore his newly bought shirt on him and collapse on his mother. It took the bystanders many minutes before he could be resuscitated. Then, he began sobbing and blubbering, ‘Mama, wake up… don’t leave me alone like this … whose face is like yours …? Mama, my food is yet done afire; won’t you wake up and eat with me?

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With this last statement, the people in the ward became uncontrolled as their shout and wailing could be heard at miles away for they were caught by crass sympathy. But after the Korede’s family has footed the hospital bill, her corpse was released unto them for burial. Daniel was accompanied home at both sides by his parent’s families.
A night after the burial, at midnight, Daniel sneaked out and headed to his mother’s grave, he was speechless. He wept several hours on her grave. He later opened his mouth and blurted out: 
‘If I could fly to the world unknown,
I would have preferred to live recluse
Away from this trivial and polluted life.
I never knew why the porter left the wings out of me
And as a branchless log of fleshy wood,
He wrapped me in a dark and incurable but fateful container.
Birds migrate in winter to a comfortable habitat
Devoid of threat and furnished with relish.
Owls could eat at kings’ court at night.
Bats could fly at tandem in barracks
Despite the armed soldiers on guard,
They are protected to eat and drink their best before the day breaks.
I never have a barrack to stay
Neither have I a cave situated away from this wicked world to live my sole life.
I’d never mind if my spoon had been lost;
If the bowls had broken
Of course, I would have helped myself to the table with my hands.
Now the tragedy spoke once;
Twice have I heard its voice.
The pot that motivates my spoon and bowls is smashed;
Shame to the glowing fire!
The strap that holds me to your lulling back is snapped.
The pitcher is broken; the water is spilled.
Whirlwind of shame has blown
My nakedness is uncovered.
Why has the frying pan of life denied my cake from thorough frying?
She deserves the best but nought has been given to her.
When will you return, my mum!
Is that how far the trip is?
But remember you never bid me bye-bye before taking off.
Is there any eyes other than these four eyes of ours?
Mama, remember, the two eyes are feeble to withstand the pressure,
The pressure of the earthly scums.
Won’t you remove this brown wrapper from yourself and behold me?
Don’t you recognize my voice again?
Common, Mama, let’s go together and fulfill this purpose!
My dearest! Nature called you and me.
Won’t you respond?
Won’t you …. (Blubbering)’
He wept until his cheek became bleached with tears and his pygama shirt became wet as one caught in heavy rain. He helped himself up and went in the house. But his blank face scared sleep throughout the night. 


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