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A Complete Lesson on Diction/Oral English: Vowel and Consonant Sounds

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First and foremost, there is just one alphabet in English Language due to the fact that the term alphabet refers to a collective name given to all 26 letters.

This is contained in the image below:

Phrasal verbs

A phrasal verb is an expression consisting of a verb and a preposition. They usually have connotative meaning in expressions.

Here are some phrasal verbs:

The first word has the emphatic stress and is to be pronounced up/higher than the second word.

Spelling pattern


This is a shortened form of a word or phrase.


The second letter has the emphatic stress and is to be pronounced higher than the first letter.

The English Sound System

The vowels

The vowel chart is a diagrammatic representation of the vowel sounds. It simply describes where the tongue lies in the mouth during the production of these vowel sounds.

However, vowel sounds are described as the sounds produced without the obstruction of air from the vocal tracts.

Types of vowel sounds

1. Monophthongs

These are otherwise known as pure vowels. They are vowel sounds with one sound quality. E.g: /i:/, /e/, /a:/ etc.

2. Diphthongs

They're called impure or secondary vowels. They are formed from the combination of two distinct pure vowels.
They're described as vowels with two sound quality.
E.g: /ei/, /ai/ etc.

3. Triphthongs

These are vowel sounds with three sound quality. But unfortunately these vowels have been discarded for optimisation ( removal of redundant sounds) and better application of these sounds. E.g: For example, /aɪə̯/,  /eɪə̯/ etc.
Here are some pretty words under each of the vowel sounds. Please try and study the transcription of each of the words under each of the vowel sounds because most of these words are the choices of UTME, WASSCE and NECO exam.
You may copy out the words or save the image for personal studies.

All right...👇👇👇
Vowel 1

Vowel 2

Vowel 3

Vowel 4

Vowel 5

Vowel 6

Vowel 7

Vowel 8

Vowel 9

Vowel 10

Vowel 11

Vowel 12

Vowel 13

Vowel 14

Vowel 15

Vowel 16

Vowel 17

Vowel 18

Vowel 19

Vowel 20

The Consonant sounds

These are sounds produced with a level of obstruction of air during their production along the vocal tracts.

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